Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sapir - September 29th

I really have to apologize - I've been up to my head with other stuff and have only now had the time to release a version.

Nothing proprietary new, just the regular fixes.

The changelog is the same as the last one :)


  1. no problem. your rom still be great for daily use.

    thank you anyway.

  2. You really don't have to apologise, its nice though that you do :)

    Do you know how many average downloads you roms are getting? I look at the XDA thread and I can't help but think there are loads of people using rootbox and resurrection remix and would quite possibly be better of with yours....

  3. Actually, I do have a question, about Kernels.

    I tend to use Siyak, as I like the performance and exTweaks control, however, Dorimanxs translation is nicer with a comprimise of better battery, better UI responsiveness, but for some reason on these releases Siyah provides the more stable experience.

    Not that I'm thinking that you will write code to improves Dorimanx's kernel, more wondering which kernels you have experimented with yourself? I know you were considering a custom Siyah build at some point in your ventures

  4. problem with wlan. cannot enable it

  5. Stefan, I assume you have tried wiping your cache/davlik and fixed permissions?

  6. yes, and latest builst. still no luck. restock?