Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Next in Line

As some of you may know, I almost lost my build environment.
Thankfully, though, I was able to recover it and continue the builds.
The last release saw a significant performance boost, thanks to the new init changes.

Keeping the "old" partition layout for the OG Galaxy Tab seems like a good decision - users are happy with it, and other ROMs may return to it sooner than expected.

So - what's next?

Many of you have written that the DPI changer is a feature that should stay, and I agree - although it will be part of Flux in the future. However, Flux will take some time to ship, which means I need to work on more immediate changes, to keep Sapir a fresh ROM.

I may start with merging Tablet mode, but I'm currently debating other possible changes as well. Feel free to share your opinion in the threads or here.

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