Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New Build

New builds are coming out.
I've started uploading them to goo, and will soon update the threads.

Not too much changed in the new builds. Most changes are from the gerrit.
Today I moved the non official kernels outside of the build tree, to better control the timing of the updates. This goes for both franco for the Google Galaxy Nexus and well as for humberos for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

As told, I'm still concentrating on "internal" changes - stabilising and enhancing performance.
The latest build, by the way, was the first to feature all three navigation bar changes:

  1. Enable / Disable navigation bar.
  2. Customise navigation bars buttons (M)
  3. Left navigation bar when in landscape

Look to the sidebar for the releases themselves.

Updated change log:

  • Removed statistics collection from CM
  • Added DPI Changer in Display settings
  • *** (Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000) * Using old partition structure, so data partition is large enough for user applications *
  • (Google Galaxy Nexus) Changed to franco kernel self compiled
  • (Samsung Galaxy Tab) Changed to humberos kernel self compiled
  • CM Gerrit merges as of Wed Sep 19 18:40:37 UTC 2012
  • Option to prevent auto locking after phone call
  • New Calculator features
  • Added handling of vol rocker long press in camera
  • Changed USB connected icon to feature Cid
  • Center Clock option
  • Ability to enable navigation bar from settings
  • Left navigation bar in landscape mode option
  • Messaging - Ability to change soft keyboard when composing
  • Status bar can show both signal strength and network tech
  • Call log: Add lookup in Call logs
  • Added file explorer
  • Corrected Kernel string in Settings
  • Added fullscreen toggle to Browser (M)
  • Enable installing shortcuts in Trebuchet (M)
  • Tethering Fix (M)
  • Clock: Stopwatch and Countdown (M)
  • (Google Galaxy Nexys) Change USB On-the-Go mount point to /storage (M)
  • Lockscreen Clock alignment (M)
  • Mms: Only display template button if templates defined (M)
  • Mms: Add Template support to QuickMessage pop-up(M)
  • Torch: Modify widget to utilize AOSP power widget UI (M)
  • Variable size pattern in lock screen (M)
  • WebView: fix crash when moving cursor (M)
  • Advanced Phone Settings (M)
  • Control cursor in text fields with volume rocker (M)
  • Improve HttpResponseCache performance (M)
  • Quick message support in SMS (M)
  • Nfc card emulation (M)
  • (M) Merged to CM10


    1. what about the more interesting hwcomposer, any progress on that?

      1. Actually - yes. I have an alpha build, but have no time to test it, so you guys are more than welcome to test it, if you want.
        Remember - this is an alpha build, so backup nicely.

    2. Hope I'm commenting in correct place. I have noticed you Removed statistics collection from CM yet it seems to be continuously reappearing in the status bar of my Samsung Galaxy Tab (OG) even after re-flashing ROM again and no way to shut it off. Just though Id report this observation. But overall the ROM is in my opinion a excellent job. Thanks

      1. Yes, that's the correct place. I should have actually said WIP on the collection removal. I'll try to remove this today or in the next build.

    3. im using your 2nd latest nightly on my international gt-i9100 and when ever i turn on 3G, phone goes nicely to hspa+ but sometimes it locks itsel out from the network altogether and ask for pin, enter it and it says incorrect pin and hops to wrong service provider network and after awhile it's back on where it should be. so far i've kept my phone on 2G and this hasn't occured

      1. If you can send me logs from your device it would be great.

      2. umm yeah if you give an email or something where to send you them, i have no idea how to find those logs, i am rather new android user :)

    4. I cannot use the calculator in the last build and this build, it appears as a black screen with text input bar on top.

      Also the UI seems a bit off (apps icons are not well aligned on the top and bottom of home screens, the bottom crosses the dock divider and the top goes beyond the screen), or is this normal?

      1. Which device are you using?
        Also, are you using the DPI Changer?

      2. Sorry, forgot to state the device.

        I'm using the Galaxy Tab P1000 with DPI set as default.

        here are the screenshots