Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sapir - September 23rd

It's that time of the day - the build for the 23rd are here.

Main changes in this build:

  1. Added battery styles in status bar (see earlier post)
  2. Corrected a crash in Trebuchet (Mr. Stone, thank you for reporting it :) )
  3. Superuser issue is solved from CM Gerrit

I know some of you don't updated on a daily basis (what?), so I'll repeat my earlier procedure which only applies to the Galaxy Tab build.
The Galaxy Tab build will WIPE your data if you come from a Sapir build earlier than 20120922. It's not an arbitrary decision, this is done to maintain compatibility with CM10, when they return to this layout too.

But, worry not. Please follow the following procedure before installing:
  1. Perform nand backup from the recovery
  2. Install Sapir
  3. Install gapps
  4. Reboot
  5. Reboot to recovery
  6. Advance restore only data
The download links are, as always, to the right.

All that remains is the full updated changelog:
  • Added DPI Changer in Display settings
  • Transparent nav bar / status bar
  • Additional Battery styles in status bar, including circle
  • Brightness control in lock screen
  • Option to disable auto screen-lock after a phone call
  • Delay auto screen-off when answering call
  • T9 Dialer searches also in company and nickname
  • Option to keep the proximity sensor on during calls using a headset
  • Messaging - Ability to change soft keyboard when composing
  • *** (Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000) * Using old partition structure, so data partition is large enough for user applications *
  • (Google Galaxy Nexus) Changed to franco kernel self compiled
  • (Samsung Galaxy Tab) Reverted back to CM kernel
  • CM Gerrit merges as of Sun Sep 23 18:33:33 UTC 2012
  • New Calculator features
  • Added handling of vol rocker long press in camera
  • Changed USB connected icon to feature Cid
  • Center Clock option
  • Ability to enable navigation bar from settings
  • Left navigation bar in landscape mode option
  • Status bar can show both signal strength and network tech
  • Call log: Add lookup in Call logs
  • Added file explorer
  • Corrected Kernel string in Settings
  • Added fullscreen toggle to Browser (M)
  • Enable installing shortcuts in Trebuchet (M)
  • Tethering Fix (M)
  • Clock: Stopwatch and Countdown (M)
  • (Google Galaxy Nexys) Change USB On-the-Go mount point to /storage (M)
  • Lockscreen Clock alignment (M)
  • Mms: Only display template button if templates defined (M)
  • Mms: Add Template support to QuickMessage pop-up(M)
  • Torch: Modify widget to utilize AOSP power widget UI (M)
  • Variable size pattern in lock screen (M)
  • WebView: fix crash when moving cursor (M)
  • Advanced Phone Settings (M)
  • Control cursor in text fields with volume rocker (M)
  • Improve HttpResponseCache performance (M)
  • Quick message support in SMS (M)
  • Nfc card emulation (M)
(M) Merged to CM10


  1. Very good rom, thank you ;-)

    How can I set up new battery styles?

    1. Go to Settings -> System -> Status bar -> Battery status style.

    2. Uhm... i get only
      * Icon
      * Percent
      * Hide

    3. Uhm... seems to be a problem with italian translation. I switch to english and all works well, thank you. ;-)

    4. Is this on the new ROM? (23rd)
      Also - which device are you using?

    5. Galaxy TAB, 23rd rom.
      It seems to be a problem with italian translation, since in English (US) it works ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. To the right, where it says Latest Versions ;)

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  4. Everything works so far. Thank you very much!