Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sapir - September 18th build

Sapir is based on CM10.
Apart from being based on the official repositories, it has both cherrypicks and other features, such as the DPI Changer.

Stay Tuned:
  • Flux Mode: User can set three things: launcher DPI, other apps DPI and inidividual apps DPI. Please comment in XDA on this.
  • Tablet Mode: Merge of the sgt7 feature - combined bar displaying both navigation buttons and status.

Changelog (Settings -> About Device -> View Changelog):
  • Performance enhancements for all devices
  • Added DPI Changer in Display settings
  • *** (Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000) * Using old partition structure, so data partition is large enough for user applications *
  • (Google Galaxy Nexus) Changed to franco kernel self compiled
  • (Samsung Galaxy Tab) Changed to humberos kernel self compiled
  • CM Gerrit merges as of Tue Sep 18 18:30:22 UTC 2012
  • Option to prevent auto locking after phone call
  • New Calculator features
  • Added handling of vol rocker long press in camera
  • Changed USB connected icon to feature Cid
  • Center Clock option
  • Ability to enable navigation bar from settings
  • Left navigation bar in landscape mode option
  • Messaging - Ability to change soft keyboard when composing
  • Status bar can show both signal strength and network tech
  • Call log: Add lookup in Call logs
  • Added file explorer
  • Corrected Kernel string in Settings
  • Added fullscreen toggle to Browser (M)
  • Enable installing shortcuts in Trebuchet (M)
  • Tethering Fix (M)
  • Clock: Stopwatch and Countdown (M)
  • (Google Galaxy Nexys) Change USB On-the-Go mount point to /storage (M)
  • Lockscreen Clock alignment (M)
  • Mms: Only display template button if templates defined (M)
  • Mms: Add Template support to QuickMessage pop-up(M)
  • Torch: Modify widget to utilize AOSP power widget UI (M)
  • Variable size pattern in lock screen (M)
  • Advanced Phone Settings (M)
  • Control cursor in text fields with volume rocker (M)
  • Improve HttpResponseCache performance (M)
  • Quick message support in SMS (M)
  • Nfc card emulation (M)
(M) Merged to CM10

xda threads:

Please don't hesitate to contact me with problem reports and requests for improvments using the xda threads or here - Erez A. Korn.

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