Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Kernel of Truth and a New Device

My beloved Galaxy Tab 7 (OG) was the original reason I started building Sapir, well - the second reason. The real first reason was a missing field in the email app in CM10.
I just couldn't get along with the fact that meeting times were usually missing from the invitation messages and I had to fix it.

Then, I decided to breathe some life into my old Samsung Galaxy Tab 7". Now - it's just like having a cheap, but useful, Nexus 7 wannabe. My users also seem happy with that and especially with the fact I decided to keep the partition layout.
But - a few days ago - the builds for the Galaxy Tab started to lose stability - at least for some users. As a developer, one of the most frustrating situations is not being able to reproduce bugs reported by your users. Before going into a real frenzy, though, I'm simply going to dump the biggest change - I'm going to revert to CM kernel and see if the stability returns.

Worry not, this is only applicable to the GT builds, not to the other devices.

And now, speaking of devices, I just got the AT&T variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III - so my Galaxy Nexus is going to lie low for a while. I just built a Sapir for that - but it's still missing the camera stuff, so I'd wait a bit if I were you.

Builds are running as I write, so nightlies are coming soon.


  1. As I still don't have 10 post I can't report anything on XDA, so I just wanted to thank you for the good job you're doing on the GTAB 7.

    Your CM10-SAPIR is already better than the Stable CM9 has ever been.
    If the CM10 kernel is more stable and has a low consumption as well it is probably the good move, we'll see.

    Like some others, I'm experiencing some unpredictable reboot, but it is ok for a daily use.

    Oh and I wanted to say "hell to the new layout !!!"

  2. Thank you for this wobderful Rom. Its fast and stabile, at least up to build 18-09. Lost almost 15000 points in browsermark from transition to build 19-09. Why dont you include romcontrol (aokp)? You could overclock the gpu or set touch boost to 400mhz for example.

  3. Erez,
    thanks very much for the builds.
    I have a strange problem, CWM Recovery seems to be broken as when I try to install newer builds than the 13/9 one that I'm on recovery freezes after a tiny movement on the progress bar and then the tab crashes and closes down.
    I think I will have to re-install CWM maybe. Any ideas?

  4. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)