Friday, 9 November 2012

Sapir - November 9th Release

It's this time of the day / week /month again. A new update.
For this one, it's mainly cherry picking (-Alarm clock icon hiding, Trebuchet dock number of icons and more) as well as a correction for tablet UI icons in Trebuchet.

The download links are to the right, as usual, and the full updated change log is:
  • Sapir: Change Trebuchet layout in tablet mode
  • Sapir: Changed Battery styles in status bar from AOKP to CM
  • Sapir: Added Tablet Mode in Sapir settings
  • Sapir: Added DPI Changer in Display settings
  • Sapir: Transparent status bar slider in Settings
  • Sapir: Changes to init.rc tp enhance performance
  • Sapir: Added file explorer
  • Add configurable number of icons in launcher dock
  • Option to hide alarm clock icon in status bar
  • Clear all button on recent apps
  • Add SMS to Calnedar
  • Fix for adding emoji and smiley to cursor position
  • Fix for caller name not sticking to missed calls
  • Brightness control in lock screen
  • Option to disable auto screen-lock after a phone call
  • Delay auto screen-off when answering call
  • T9 Dialer searches also in company and nickname
  • Option to keep the proximity sensor on during calls using a headset
  • (Google Galaxy Nexus) Changed to franco kernel self compiled
  • CM Gerrit merges as of Fri Nov 9 14:50:48 UTC 2012
  • New Calculator features
  • Added handling of vol rocker long press in camera
  • Changed USB connected icon to feature Cid
  • Center Clock option
  • Ability to enable navigation bar from settings
  • Left navigation bar in landscape mode option
  • Status bar can show both signal strength and network tech
  • Call log: Add lookup in Call logs
(M) Merged to CM10


  1. Hi Ezra, just updated my P-1000 and the screen auto rotate seems to have stopped working... Do you need any log files etc?

  2. Actually there's quite a lot going wrong here :( Google play store won't run any more and just crashes out. I was fine on the November 1 release but skipped to this one earlier today.

  3. Yup.. just did that and it's ok again :) Auto rotate has returned too so panic over..

    I can go get my shower now :)


  4. Bluetooth not functioning. So I got back to the 20121029 release.

    1. GT-P1000, is it only me experiencing the problem?
      Now, I'm about upgrading to the latest release. Wish me luck (:
      And thanks to you Erez, you're genius!

  5. Im having loads of problems with this last build. It reboots like every hour. Sometimes when i have it on power it even turns off for no reason.

    1. Will it be possible to get some logs? If so, I'll try to make sense of it.

    2. sure... where do the logs reside?

    3. Easiest way would be to install catlog and share the logs from it.

  6. really... installed logcat and today i havent had any errors yet... Wait fooorrrr ittttt ;) It will happen.

  7. Hi
    I think there's problem with RTL, p1000

  8. Hi,

    What about goging back to humberos kernel which seems to be mur more stable now.

  9. hi,

    what about going back to humberos kernel fro the P1? it seems to me to be much more stable than the CM kernel on the lastest release.