Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sapir - November 18th Release

I think I solved the Wi-Fi issues on the Samsung Galaxy Tab (OG).
There are few other corrections, and I also added the Desk Clock music support.

The download links, as always, are to the right, and the full update change log is:
  • Sapir: Change Trebuchet layout in tablet mode
  • Sapir: Changed Battery styles in status bar from AOKP to CM
  • Sapir: Added Tablet Mode in Sapir settings
  • Sapir: Added DPI Changer in Display settings
  • Sapir: Transparent status bar slider in Settings
  • Sapir: Changes to init.rc tp enhance performance
  • Sapir: Added file explorer
  • Add music support (one song) to clock
  • Add group mms threading
  • Add configurable number of icons in launcher dock
  • Option to hide alarm clock icon in status bar
  • Clear all button on recent apps
  • Add SMS to Calnedar
  • Fix for adding emoji and smiley to cursor position
  • Fix for caller name not sticking to missed calls
  • Brightness control in lock screen
  • Option to disable auto screen-lock after a phone call
  • Delay auto screen-off when answering call
  • T9 Dialer searches also in company and nickname
  • Option to keep the proximity sensor on during calls using a headset
  • (Google Galaxy Nexus) Changed to franco kernel self compiled
  • CM Gerrit merges as of Sun Nov 18 03:39:01 UTC 2012
  • New Calculator features
  • Added handling of vol rocker long press in camera
  • Changed USB connected icon to feature Cid
  • Center Clock option
  • Ability to enable navigation bar from settings
  • Left navigation bar in landscape mode option
  • Status bar can show both signal strength and network tech
  • Call log: Add lookup in Call logs
(M) Merged to CM10


  1. Hi Erez,

    Still having problems with Gmail crashing with the last two releases.

    Log is here for you to take a look.

  2. Hi erez. Ram memory drop to 462 mb. Why?

  3. Hi, try to use a keyboard connecter on an OTG USB câble, doesn't work. Otherwise, super, tal

  4. Hi Guys,

    Play store not starting up since this update.

    1. Have you tried clearing data for the store app?

    2. You have to flash gapps again. Works for me.

  5. When verifying the update package during the install I get an error:

    "E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed"

    can you please help?

  6. Hey Erez,
    Getting a network error. Not able to make phone calls